Cookies & Milk

20160807_200206I love cookies and milk! Freshly baked, home made. Mostly it is the taste, but they do stir up a lot of memories. When I was young, my mom made the best chocolate chip cookies. We always had a snack when we came home from school, and it was wonderful when we opened the door to the aroma of her cookies just taken out of the oven. There were never any left over.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Every Christmas my mom would make Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies. I think the recipe was handed down to her through several generations. My mother’s line goes back to Denmark, so I’m guessing the recipe originated there. Or perhaps England or Wales. My older brother has carried on the tradition of making these treats at Christmas time. They were too much work when I had eight kids at home. Maybe this will be the year to try out an old tradition.

DateNutPinwheelCookiesGrandma Dollie was a widow by the time I was born. As a child, we would visit her every other summer at her farm in Ohio. Without fail, she would have freshly baked homemade bread & butter with ginger cookies & milk on the table when we arrived. As an adult I stopped at grandma’s on my move from the east coast to Arizona. My friend, Laveita, was traveling with me, and we pulled in at about 2 am. Grandma had the bread and ginger cookies waiting for us. Although we were exhausted, we couldn’t refuse this sweet lady’s offering.CrispOatmealCookies

My personal favorite is an oatmeal cookie made from a recipe I acquired from a friend in Big Spring, Texas in 1992. She had several great cookie recipes. Always ask for the recipe when you find a treat you like. I’m still looking for the perfect peanut butter cookie, but not too hard as I can’t afford the extra pounds. I don’t have enough people at home anymore to eat them up.

cookie-monsterSeveral years ago, my daughter participated in a high school French competition. One of her friends who was also participating shared some homemade traditional Indian food with Hannah. One dish was an Indian cookie. Hannah knew that when it comes to cookies, I have about as much resistance as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. She excitedly saved one to bring home to me. Her plan worked like clockwork. She walked in the house, handed me the treat, and I excitedly took a bite. I don’t know whether my face turned red because my mouth was on fire, or because I was so upset at what my daughter had done to me. You see, another  well known fact in my family is that I do not tolerate spicy food very well. My daughter was laughing so hard, she had tears streaming down her face. I had tears streaming down my face, as well, but it wasn’t from laughter. What a dirty trick! Let’s just say that to this day, I’m still cautious about accepting any morsels of food from this daughter.


She made an effort to redeem herself this evening. Hannah has a Sunday evening baking buddy. I told her my next blog would be on cookies, so they whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I watched them sample the first one, before I took a bite of mine :).

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