Hannah & Ammon

Ammon Graduation OSUMy son, Ammon, has been promoting our blog to his friends, but expressed concern that I may chase them away if I talk too much about family history.  Obviously he is behind in reading our posts, as I don’t think I’m boring you with too much family history. Am I? Then again the whole blog is stories of our family and experiences with life, so it is all family history.  This post I dedicate to Ammon’s friends. They should find it both entertaining, and perhaps it will provide some good material for conversation.


Hannah is our oldest, and probably fits the typical description of an oldest child. Although it’s not too normal to have seven younger siblings. She loves life and her family, and likes to keep busy. She is very service oriented.


ammon-before-king-lamoniAmmon was named after a great missionary in the Book of Mormon. The ancient Ammon started out rebellious, but became a remarkable disciple of Christ after his conversion. Our Ammon was mischievous in his younger years, and even a little bit ornery.  At age 14 he was converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and became a very strict follower. (I found myself paying more attention to my behavior, so I didn’t get in trouble with Ammon!)

So let the fun begin!

Jeff and I were driving somewhere with our little family. We only had two children at the time; Ammon was just under two and Hannah was under three years of age. They were loaded in their car seats, side by side in the back seat. Some mild commotion was going on back there, when Hannah yelled, “Ammon said shut up!” We don’t use those words in our family, and Hannah had grasped that lesson well. I looked in the rear view mirror and could see the wheels turning in Ammon’s head. Out of his mouth came, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Hannah’s response was right on cue, “WHAAAAAAA!!!” Ammon grinned. Mission accomplished. Jeff and I struggled to contain our laughter. That event marked a clear expression of their relationship for several years to follow. Ammon lived for ways to get her goat. I think Hannah was very happy when two more brothers came along to serve as Ammon targets.

Hannah and Ammon sitting on Gma Gpa Carr couch 19910001Sometimes Ammon’s plans went awry. The couch in the picture makes it apparent that we were at my parents home. Hannah was quite content watching Sesame Street. Ammon, however, was obviously bored, so he decided to stir something up with his sister. Hannah wasn’t a push over, and on this occasion took control of the situation. Probably without ever taking her eye off of the TV. I wasn’t in any hurry to correct matters, and thought a picture was in order. It is one of our family favorites.Hannah sitting on Ammon on Gma Gpa Carr couch 19910001There were times that this duo teamed up. Usually it was to sneak out of quiet time, or to participate in a prohibited activity – like painting themselves with war mud while playing Indians. You try not to encourage future mud painting, but it is hard not to laugh at their antics. Parents like to see their kids working together, even if sometimes it is against them.HannahandAmmoninMudEventually they grow up, the mischief ends, and a friendship grows. As a parent your desire is that your children will be friends, that they will enjoy having their families get together even long after you are gone. You hope they will look out for each other.

Ammon and Hannah Homecoming
Hannah and Ammon Homecoming


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog (and especially the family history) since being fortunate to teach quite a few of your kiddos…great kids with great parents!

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  2. I recognized both of them immediately when I saw the younger picture of them. They were very special children and I feel privileged to have taught them in 2nd grade. God bless your family.

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