A Game of Cato and Clouseau

I was about six months pregnant with our first child, and we were living in a duplex at Fort Lee, Virginia.  Jeff was attending the Officer Advanced Course for the Quartermaster Corp, so his work schedule was regular and less intense than usual. I was feeling great with my pregnancy, and didn’t yet have any little ones to chase. Life was fairly relaxed for us.

Cato and ClouseauOne evening we watched a Pink Panther movie. The next day I decided to play a game of Cato and Inspector Clouseau.  When I saw Jeff pull into the driveway after work, I quickly hid myself in the hall closet. I heard him call my name as he entered the kitchen. His footsteps let me know his location as he began to walk through our home.  Just when he entered the hallway and was near the closet, I threw open the door and yelled “hiyaa”. I was immediately knocked back into the closet as the door was slammed shut. Oh my, that didn’t go very well. I guess I should have informed Jeff about the activity. What was I thinking?  Jeff was wondering the same thing. Fortunately I wasn’t hurt, and Jeff was very apologetic.

pink pantherThe next day I was in the back yard hanging laundry on the clothes line, when Jeff arrived home from work.  He didn’t see me, and entered the house before I could say anything. I heard him call out my name, but I decided not to say anything.  I then listened to doors opening and shutting throughout the house as he went from room to room.  This time he was playing the game of Cato and Inspector Clouseau. He was on the second floor in our bedroom, when I couldn’t contain my laughter any longer. It was then he looked out the window, and saw me doubled over and in tears as I laughed hysterically. The previous day’s fiasco was well worth the enjoyment it provided that day.

This wasn’t the only time when things didn’t go according to my plan.  Back in the days when I would pack Jeff’s lunch and do sweet things, I wrote a note and put it in his sandwich. I thought it was odd that he didn’t mention the note when he came home, but I didn’t say anything.  It was some time later before he understood why his sandwich was so chewy that day, and I learned why I hadn’t received any acknowledgement. Next time I just put the note in the bag.





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