He Ate Dirty Jello

He  Ate  Dirty  Jello

He  Paid  The  Money

A friend used this mnemonic to remember the names of our children.

Hannah  Ammon  Daniel  Joseph

Helen  Peter  Timothy  Mary


Within minutes of my telling Jeff that we were expecting our first child, he began searching for names.  Boy names, girl names, middle names, nick names, names from the scriptures, family names, popular names, old fashioned names, different spellings of names, foreign names, names, names, NAMES!  Oh, my!  I was never going to have any rest if we didn’t come up with both a boy and a girl name quick!

From the time he had read the story of Ammon in The Book of Mormon, Jeff knew he would call a son after him.  It was the girl’s name that was the main hold up in the process. It took a few weeks, and then a Barbara holding Hannah 1 Day oldcalm came over our home.  Jeff was studying the account of Hannah in the Old Testament, when a light went off in his head. He had the names, and I had relief.

I was almost afraid to tell Jeff when I learned we were expecting our second child. We already had the boy’s name and we quickly came to agreement on one for a girl.  Whew!  With a newborn to care for, I wasn’t up for another big round of name selection.

Once our son, Edward Ammon, came into this world, we had a dilemma.  Edward was the name of Jeff’s father, and our intent was to call our newborn by this name.  When we looked into the face of that sweet, sleeping baby, the names Edward, Ed, or Eddie just wouldn’t roll off our tongue.  He was to be known as Ammon. New Born Ammon July 90

Jeff explained to his dad that we were honoring him by passing down his name, but our son would be called by his middle name.  It was too late to reverse the names on the paperwork.  All of you that go by something other than your first name will understand the legal headache associated with the situation. It would have to be Ammon’s future problem, we were more concerned with holding our new bundle of joy.

We gave our children names that had meaning to us.  They were either in honor of family members we love, or powerful figures from the scriptures.  Even though this provided them someone to look to as perhaps a mentor, each child’s name is still uniquely his or hers.  We expect them to bring honor to their own name by how they live their lives. I am excited for the day when we have lots of little granddaughters named Barbara for me to love and enjoy! (That’s a subtle hint to my kids, but you may also want to consider such a wonderful name for one of your sweet babies.)

With each child we became a little more mellow, which is code for being overwhelmed with our increasing responsibilities.  In the delivery room waiting for our third child to be born, Jeff said to me, “I guess we better decide on a name for this little fella.” The next 5 were probably lucky that the hospital wouldn’t release them until they were legally named.

Joseph                                                                                                   Timothy

Joseph in blessing clothesJeff holding new born son










Hannah holding Helen                                                           Helen holding Mary

Hannah holding new born Helen Dec 94Helen holding Mary Oct 98











I’m missing two newborn photos.  Remember that overwhelmed, I mean mellow part?  All the pictures we took since our marriage are in random envelopes in boxes.  When I find the snap shots of Daniel and Peter I’ll add them.


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