The Puppy Rebuttal and Our Journeys to Eventually

Barbara’s Puppy Shopping post (May 18, 2016), though true, paints a pretty one-sided, puppy-obsessed, picture of me. In all fairness, and in the spirit of full transparency, I’d like to take an opportunity to rebut the puppy post by sharing “the rest of the story!”

Back then, we had both been interested in having a dog – eventually. I just got to the “eventually” part way sooner than Barbara. This is not unusual in our relationship.

Mattie was a wonderful dog in our family and she passed quietly in her sleep at the age of eleven. Mattie’s passing was difficult, as you can imagine, so I wasn’t ready to have another dog right away. Barbara felt that Mattie was a great protection to her at home and thought that we should get another dog – “eventually.” Unbeknownst to me, she was well on her way to “eventually” already. She would watch our neighbor’s big black lab when they were out of town. One day after watching him she remarked to them what a nice dog Fil was. Two days later Fil became part of our family!!028 21-36-07-097 copy 2

Fil was a wonderful dog, too. He absolutely was a part of our family – even when he ate off the counter or dragged the toaster out the doggie door – which, by the way, were behaviors we were already used to from our children! He lived a long life and passed at the age of seventeen.  In people years he would have been born during the Civil War!

When we felt Fil was not long for this world Barbara again began to think about how Fil protected her at home and that we should “eventually” consider getting another dog – even before Fil’s soon-to-be passing. You see where this is going? One day I saw Barbara on the Humane Society’s website (which I had no clue even existed). “Barbara, what are you doing?” I said calmly but with a tinge of anxiety. “Oh, I’m just looking” she said, employing her best poker face. If you think an ad in the paper about new-born German Sheppard puppies was likely to lead to bringing one home, then scrolling through the Humane Society’s list of dogs that needed homes was going to blast that right out of the water!

We drove to the other side of the Dallas Metroplex to “just look” at Glover – a Yellow Lab. Guess what? Glover had a brother – Easton! 006 2 copy 2There was no escaping that day without the dogs, especially when the foster parent gave us a BOGO half-off deal. Glover and Easton were added to our family.
And wouldn’t you know it…these two young, athletic dogs actually perked Fil up and he lived for another two years. Three labs!! With three dogs we were now WAY beyond a German Sheppard puppy.

DSC_0295 copy

Yes, I fell victim to a puppy’s Siren call, many years ago, by answering an ad. Barbara was completely within her rights to call me out. Guilty as charged. However, I have never lost a minute of sleep over taking Barbara on any one of our many “puppy shopping” trips, which usually got us kick-started with things that we thought we would eventually get to, anyway. And, like most things in my life with Barbara – this Blog being no exception – I usually get to “eventually” ahead of her, but am not alone there very long. Though my journeys to “eventually” never disturb my sleep, Barbara’s arrival at “eventually” usually means no one gets any sleep…ever again!

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