Puppy Shopping


Our first child was six months old, and I was three months pregnant with our second when Jeff said to me, “There are some German shepherd puppies for sale in this ad.  Let’s go look at them.”

“Why are you looking at ads for dogs?  Are you out of your mind?!  Now is not a good time to get a dog.”

“Barbara, we don’t have to buy one.  We’ll just look.  It will be fun,” he assured me.



That was how Mattie joined our family.  You don’t just “look” at puppies.  They lick your face while you hold them, whimper when you set them down, gnaw on your shoes as you try to walk, and then you take them home with you.

Fast forward 26 years and Jeff said to me, “Let’s work on our blog.”

“I’m not ready yet.  Your research said we have to post often, and I don’t want the pressure of creating a post on the spot.  I want to have about a hundred blogs ready in advance and that will take a few months.”

“Barbara, we have to learn how to use the website.  We’re not launching it.  It will be fun.”

After a couple of hours on the computer, Jeff ended our chat with the WordPress help desk as follows, “Thanks for your help Jason S.  Check out our blog when it is up and running in a week.”

He had taken me puppy shopping again.  Only instead of coming home with a furry creature, we’re entering the blogosphere.   We’ve been on other “puppy shopping” escapades through the years.  Although I typically put up an initial resistance while he gets us started, it’s not uncommon for me to then grab the controls once I am involved.  I must admit that I love going on adventures with Jeff.  He makes life fun and encourages me to engage in this dynamic society.  He is the spice in our relationship.

So here’s to you Jason S.  Ready or not, we’re blasting off into the unknown.

Hello, world!  We are Jeff and Barbara, and this is Lists and Laughter.

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