About Lists and Laughter

Welcome to our life! Barbara and I each, independent of the other, wanted to produce a blog. This has been on my mind for quite some time, but for Barbara more recently.  Although our interests, skills, and approaches are diverse, our strength is in our cropped-cropped-characturebarbarajeff2.jpgrelationship.  We are better  together so we decided to launch this site jointly! That way we will get to edit what the other writes in case some facts are conveniently distorted. 🙂

But what to blog? And probably more importantly…Why to blog? For what purpose?

First, it is for our children and posterity.  We have a lot of fond memories and life experience that we want to pass down to them. Plus, now that we are nearly empty nesters, new chapters are opening up in our lives for us to share.

Second, over the years we have picked up a few skills and some knowledge that could be of benefit to someone. We’ll write about our experiences and interests in the hopes that you may find something that is worthwhile. If you are only entertained then we will consider that a success.

Best of all, we are having a great time!  The banter will be evident in our writings. We’ve already had some aha moments as we have been digging deep to get this going. Even if no one but Barbara and I ever read this blog, it will still have been a very fun collaboration, reliving favorite episodes in our lives and planning new ventures.

As for our blog name – Lists and Laughter – we wanted it to represent an element of each of imageour personalities, but also our relationship. No matter what we are discussing, Barbara will want to make a list. While struggling to find the right name for our blog, Barbara said, “We need to sit down and make a list”. Voila!  We figured out her part.  Now, finding the equivalent word for Jeff. Barbara chose the word laughter because she says Jeff brings the fun into our family.  Playing air guitars with kids at 6:00 am, signing us up for ballroom dancing, or running a family CrossFit program…you get the picture.

So sit back and join us on the ride we call Lists and Laughter, and let us know what you think!

Note from Barbara: The caricature of us is our calling card. I smile every time I look at it, and I look at it often.  The picture was created by Benjamin Vincent of Dallas when we attended the Military Service Academies Holiday Ball in December of 2015. Thanks, BJamN, for capturing  the essence of how Jeff and I go together.


  1. Oh my lands this will be better than sliced bread
    So excited to hear your thoughts and humor
    Remember Eldridges and Butchers move next to each other on Eternity lane!


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