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I am Jeff.

Jeff  I am.

You will not spend much time on Lists and Laughter before you realize how different Barbara and I are. A list is Barbara’s happy place…but not mine. Though “brevity is the soul of wit”, I usually need more words than Barbara to express myself.

I’m an awful procrastinator (beginning this blog has been on my mind for many years)!

I grew up living in the country in the Midwest.  There was always work to be done, even if my dad had to make something up – which he did. Ditch digging and weed pulling were among his most prolific assignments and this made me very, very motivated to attend college.

My first career was in the Army after graduating from West Point.  While assigned in Germany, I met Barbara. Much, much more on that later.

I have an artistic bent – but “bent” does not necessarily mean talent or skill. My interests are eclectic. I took tap, ballet and piano lessons as a youth, as well as boxed in the Golden Gloves.

I prefer words to numbers. I believe the pun is an art form. I enjoy public speaking and will almost always include quotes in my remarks.  I like to quote movies. I like to quote smart people. I especially like to quote smart people quoting movies . If you reference Princess Bride or Casablanca then I consider you a kindred spirit.

I watch Hallmark movies (lots of them), but don’t watch sports (any of them). I cried when (spoiler alert!) Yule Brenner died in The King and I, and want to run stairs after I watch Rocky, but somehow contain the urge to do so!

I have come to embrace the emoji as the picture that can say less than a thousand, but more than a few, words. 🙂

I love dogs; tolerate cats; and have a hard time with mean or dishonest people.

Aside from the mean ones, I love to talk to people and learn about them…about you.

I’m not fond of heights, of small, enclosed spaces or of most anything that bites. I am, however, fond of thrift stores, even if they are in small, enclosed spaces.

I am left handed – usually.

I like to workout and stay fit, but I have my lull periods. I believe in lifelong learning, but again, have my lull periods. 😦

My greatest treasures are my eight children and I get so jazzed as I see them find their passions in life.

Speaking of passions, Barbara is the love of my life!!! 🙂 🙂 We couldn’t be more different, or more in love. We approach things from very different and often remote places. But our strength comes, in part, from  the fact that we usually are approaching the same things…and eventually arrive…together.

My faith centers me.

This collection of snippets describing a bit of who I am should get our relationship off to a good start, don’t you think? I hope you return often – to be entertained and perhaps find something of particular interest or value.

Thanks for visiting L&L and for reading this post. Let us know what you think. Hurry back.




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